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Ocean Water Use Warning for Los Angeles County Beaches

Surfing in runoff rain in California is not recommended due to health and safety concerns. During and after rainfall, the stormwater runoff from the streets, roofs, and other surfaces can be contaminated with pollutants such as oil, trash, bacteria, and chemicals. These contaminants can cause skin irritations, ear infections, gastrointestinal illnesses, and other health problems. Moreover, the heavy rain can create strong currents, rip currents, and murky waters that can increase the risk of accidents and drownings. Surfers are advised to wait at least 72 hours after a rainfall event to allow the ocean water to clear and the pollutant levels to decrease. It’s essential to check the water quality reports and advisory notices issued by the local health department and surf forecasting sites before heading out. It’s better to err on the side of caution and avoid surfing in runoff rain altogether.

Alolkai sessions will be postponed until Thursday Aug 24th. Stay safe!

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