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California Storms bring unsafe surf conditions

Los Angeles County Health Department has issued 2 warnings:

For Immediate Release:

February 5, 2023

Ocean Water Closure Due to Sewage Release

Avoid Water Contact 

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has issued an ocean water closure for the following area due to the release of approximately 1,000,000 gallons of untreated sewage which has now stopped:

  • Cabrillo Beach Ocean Waters in San Pedro — Entire area

Public Health officials are advising residents or visitors planning to visit Los Angeles County beaches to avoid contact with ocean water in the areas noted above. A sewage discharge occurred on February 5, 2024, at approximately 6 a.m., resulting in an estimated at one million gallons entering the Dominguez Channel, which terminates near Cabrillo Beach. 

The ocean water closure will remain in effect until Public Health receives sampling results indicating that bacterial levels meet health standards. 


Please note that the Rain Advisory has been extended until Wednesday, February 7thwarning residents to avoid contact with all ocean waters.

Please do not have any contact with ocean water or rain runoff due to contamination can lead to serious health issues.

Stay safe out there!

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