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Velella velella Sailor jellyfish at Zuma Beach

Hey there! Have you ever heard of Velella velella, also known as By-the-wind sailor? They’re these cute little floating organisms that belong to the same family as jellyfish and corals. You might have seen them on the beach after a storm!

Despite their small size, they’re quite remarkable! Their body is translucent with a beautiful blue color and a small float on the top that helps them travel great distances by catching the wind. They use their long tentacles underneath their body to catch food. However, they are not true jellyfish – they actually belong to a group of animals called hydrozoans.

Velella velella may be small, but they play a significant role in many marine ecosystems. They’re an essential source of food for other marine creatures and also work as a transport mechanism for other small marine organisms.

Let’s appreciate these fascinating creatures and protect them from pollution and habitat destruction – they’re irreplaceable!

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