Test riding the Formula Fun Lineup… now it’s your turn.

Aug, 27, 2022
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Alolkai has been testing the Formula Fun lineup for 2 solid months…. and the verdict it’s in. We love ‘em! Now it’s your turn to test ride some of the best foamies in the business…

Starting with the largest 9’6” San-O – single 9” fin longboard. Nicknamed the “aircraft carrier” is great for the 6’+ 200lb+ rider. It delivers excellent stability and flex for the drop in wave.

Next is the solid 8’ Orca / Doho triple fin, a perfect upgrade from your basic 8’ foamie. This board has the ability to match the riders skill by adding or subtracting fins as needed.

Then there is the 8’ Rincon single 9” fin which is a thinner board for medium size riders.

For sportier enthusiasts, try the 6’4” Zipper single 7” fin bull nosed shortboard. It is wide for stability yet has a snappy tail for wave grinding.

Or you may love the thick 5’4”swallow tailed Twinnie 2 fin which is just wave belly bomber!

Go to Alolkai to book your time to explore the full Formula Fun lineup and choose your board package to start your surf journey now!

September 9, 2022

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