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About Alolkai

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My name is Christopher Kowall, founder & CEO of Alolkai, educator, trainer, researcher and ocean advocate. I have the privilege of teaching people from around the world the ability of connecting with the ocean. I have witnessed a biological change from fear to joy multiple times, therefore, establishing a pattern that I see is an irrefutable part of the connective healing process of the brain by utilizing the step process developed with the deep human connection of earth’s oceans.

My experience as a first responder & firefighter are what qualifies me as an advocate for this experience. As firefighters, we see the fear of the public as they are in jeopardy and trust is automatically given to us as we are their rescuers to get them to safety and make the awful situation they are facing stop. This trust is the foundation of strength of humanity and must be utilized in other ways to aide the human evolution of personal trauma to kickstart the healing necessary to change surviving into thriving…


Ocean Instructor

Founder of ALOLKAI, I am your personal coach that will help build your confidence and skill by unlocking your potential. When I’m not on the beach you can find me in the shop crafting furniture, playing with Bruno our 130lb shepherd mix or chefing in the kitchen with my wife!

 CPR Certified

Former Fire Fighter / EMT


Everything Else

From Web designer to Marketing. I am also here to answer any questions before/after booking, plan picnics, and special events.  I also bring the snacks 🙂 along with capturing your moments in video and photos. In 2019 I moved from Florida to California a lifelong dream of mine and get to wake up every day in paradise with my Husband creating this amazing life!


Assistant Instructor

From student to teacher, Augustine has been with us since 2021 learning how to surf through our program. He excelled so well and with his laid-back style we invited him to join our team and the ALOLKAI family. Surfer by day sound engineer by night you can also find him cycling by the coast.

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