Alolkai & Formula Fun the next intelligent evolution

Jul, 01, 2022
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We have recently visited Coby and the crew down at Formula Fun Surfboards. Coby gave us the “behind the scene” tour of their California location. As the latest machines gave shape to the foam and the skilled workers refined their work, the factory was a buzz with energy. We saw exactly why Formula Fun is a great choice and it’s all recyclable. Yes, when you’re ready to replace your formula fun foamie, you can trade in/ recycle the old for credit on a new one. They take your old beater and make it into the latest surfboard greatness. Talk about a closed cycle. No waste and a healthy conscience. All made here in California and Utah. So, when you are ready to upgrade your board, visit us at Zuma beach and try the latest collection of the Formula Fun line. From the longest board the 9’6” San O to the shortest 5’4 Twinnie, you can “test drive” any of these boards with us and choose your next Formula Fun surfboard with confidence. Let Alolkai teach you how to unlock your new potential and evolve your surf life.

July 6, 2022

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