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How to read Surfline – Simplifed

Many of our students ask us how the read the Surfline app. Easiest explanation is- it’s all about the numbers… Here are the steps of what we look for to get you comfortable when starting to venture on your own or with your surf buddies

The Overview – look at these numbers as a reference correlated to the charts down below… Surf Height – answers “how big are the waves” Tide – how high and low the swell will be during the day Wind – highest wind of the day Forecast – sunny Ocean Temperatures – how warm or cold
Date and swell data high / low
Wind – low numbers = calm conditions – high numbers = windy / choppy waters. Tide – High tide is usually best surfing conditions in the morning – Low tide is calmest for chill sessions Weather – sunny – bring “reef safe” sunscreen
Sunrise and set for the day to plan your session adventure.
Keep “reading“ the numbers and look at the camera view to see that those numbers look like
Settings – Change the numbers to what is comfortable for you. We use international metrics

Always remember to bring your support supplies ie. water – sunscreen – shade – snacks

Take the time to plan your sessions wisely and remember to plan for anything Sunny can turn into cloudy and cold. Winds can become strong sanding the shore. However reading the numbers will help you plan accordingly and have a safe and fun session time after time.

Thanks for reading!

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